Best podcast to learn French.

So, you want to learn French?
And not just learn it; you want to become Fluent?

You could take a traditional course where you memorize vocabulary lists and study grammar rules.

Perhaps you already have.

But how many people do you know who speak with textbook tone and proper grammar?

I’m guessing not many.

Language is fluid

Depending on accent, dialect and even culture, it changes from person to person.

These aren’t things we’re taught in traditional language classes.

Expatlang aims to help students learn French as a spoken language, not just from textbooks.

Interpret, Understand, Immerse

Take your language skills to the next level with Expatlang’s podcasts and related resources.

Jean-Baptiste is a teacher with over ten years of experience.

In Expatlang podcasts, you can experience the French language as never before with 26 exclusive conversations.

Improve your understanding by exposing your skills to French at different speeds, with different accents and colloquialisms.

Immerse yourself in the culture of France to deepen your understanding of the spoken language and gain the skills and knowledge you need to interpret, not just translate.

Speak like a local

We all know how complicated learning a new language can be.

Common mispronunciations make even the most studious learner stick out amongst native speakers.

That’s why Expatlang has recorded 26 conversations that best represent the specific aspects of Spoken French.

These conversations are part of Expatlang’s Podcast – Understand Native French. 

With these conversations, you get the chance to learn to speak like a local, from a local.

Not only that – this local has ten years of teaching experience! 

Learn about French culture, common mispronunciations, practice conversations, tips and more.

…So that you can truly immerse yourself in the French spoken language.

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Expert language resources

We know you’ll love our podcasts – that is, if you haven’t tried them already. 

But what if you want to do more than listen? 

Language resource packs can help you deepen your understanding and give you the techniques you need to become fluent faster.

Get your own unique resource pack to accompany every single one of the 26 conversations.

Each resource pack includes:


The full episode transcript.


The spoken French transcript of the episode’s conversation.


The English translation of the episode’s conversation.


    An activity sheet full of questions and exercises to put your French listening skills to the test.


    A conversation guide made up of 30 questions for you to prepare before practicing conversations with your regular tutor or teacher.


    A vocabulary list containing the episode’s key words and phrases, classified in topics.

      learn more about our exclusive resource packs and discover French as really spoken in France!

      Take your language skills to the next level and speak like a local with Expatlang.