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Don’t learn French!

Learn the French that you need! 

Here at Expatlang, we believe that languages are tools that can help us improve our lives. At home, for work or just for fun, we all have different reasons to learn a language. 

When Learning French with Expatlang, your French teacher will discuss your project with you and design a tailor-made French course to help you reach your goals. 

We’ll tailor your course to you, select the most relevant content and will make your French learning experience as pleasant as possible. 

No matter what your current level is, we have a solution for you. 

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Never alone, Expatlang’s experts are always there for you!


If you’re learning French you’re lucky. There are tons of great resources on the Internet to help you learn faster. And the good news is that you won’t have to explore them alone. Wherever in the world you are, you’ll always have your French teacher alongside helping you on your way to fluency. 

​By choosing a French course with Expatlang, you’ll benefit from an amazing learning experience.  We’ll select for you the exact resources that you need –  native conversations, videos, articles, podcasts – and we’ll create activities tailored to your level that you can work on whenever you want, wherever you are. 

 Intensive french course in Nice - Expatlang 


We give you the power 


Are you a total beginner who wants to start learning French from scratch?

Are you at an advanced level but still feel you could benefit from a French course to explore new topics and take language skills to the next level? 

Expatlang’s experts will be happy to help!

Here at Expatlang, not only do we teach you the language, but we also empower you to be a more efficacious learner. We’ll be happy to share all of our little tricks to let you keep learning, even when your teacher’s not there.

 Intensive french course in Nice - Expatlang



Learning French is one thing. Speaking French is something else. When you learn, you discover new words and grammar structures, and progressively understand how the language works.

Understanding is not enough. To take your French skills to the next level you have to put them into practice in real-life contexts.

Let Expatlang’s experts find the most relevant real-life practice opportunities for you and help you succeed in them, whether you live in a French-Speaking environment or not.

 Intensive french course in Nice - Expatlang




To test your proficiency


In certain situations, taking an official exam such as the DELF to test our language skills is necessary.

For example, it could prove your language skills when applying for new jobs, a university or citizenship in French-speaking countries.

Whatever your project, Expatlang’s experts can help you prepare for the DELF exam or other proficiency tests.